Are you helping a loved one manage their bills?
Are you a busy traveler…or have two homes?
Let    pay the bills for you from $19.95 a month!

Although 90% of Aging Adults want to stay in their home, financial roadblocks frequently keep this from becoming a reality. Remaining in the home is significantly less expensive than the alternatives, but it is not without difficulty.

  • Personal finances are the final piece of the puzzle allowing an aging adult to stay in their beloved home.
  • Sharing the Financial Care of loved ones is a reality that millions of Americans attempt to manage every day.
  • Financial Elder Abuse threatens the health, dignity and economic security of millions of Americans. The annual loss for elderly victims is over $13 billion.

  relieves caregiver stress with innovative processes and support.

  • We eliminate misplaced or overlooked bills, writing checks, mailing envelopes, and organizing payments.
  • The DivvyCare Sharing Tool coordinates the efforts of all who participate in paying the bills, whether they are just around the corner or anywhere in the world.
  • We are your online communication tool for up to date information 24/7 on what is owed, and what has been paid.

How it Works

First, you will set up your secure online DivvyCare Sharing Tool (portal). Here you can review your bills, manage your account and deposit funds for payments.

We will receive the bills that you have earmarked for DivvyCare. As soon as we receive a bill, we will immediately scan and upload it to your personal DivvyCare Portal for you to view.

You electronically deposit funds into your secure DivvyCare Sharing Tool. We will NEVER ask for sensitive personal information like your social security number, and we will NEVER have access to your bank account.

DivvyCare will pay the bills as they arrive with the money that you have made available in your portal. For your protection, we will also monitor your bills and let you know if anything is out of the ordinary or suspicious.

We provide you with an organized monthly report with a complete summary of all bills that you have asked us to pay, the amount paid, and the remaining amount in your DivvyCare portal. You can access your DivvyCare Sharing Tool 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. It’s that easy!

When you enroll, you become a member of the DivvyCare Family. Our goal is to free up your time, help you with your daily finances, and give you peace of mind. And of course, we are always a phone call away with any questions you may have. RELAX – your monthly bills are powered by DivvyCare!


We provide you with a secure, financial DivvyCare Sharing tool where you can view your bills and deposit funds for payment-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Save time by having us do the work for you! You have time to do the things you love to do!
Coordinate the finances of your aging loved ones from anywhere in the world.
Eliminate family conflicts that may arise between multiple caregivers handling their loved ones finances.
Avoid possible loss of service, late fees…or jeopardizing your credit when you have DivvyCare handle your monthly payments.
Our paperless solution eliminates stamps, checks and envelopes from your house. No more cleaning!
You have a live, personal DivvyCare Account Manager that is always just a phone call away for any questions.
You are always in complete control of your money. We will never have access to your social security number or bank account information.
We provide you with an organized monthly report of all the bills that were paid. No more need to keep track of bills, the amounts or their due dates.
We will provide you up-to-date fraud alerts on our website. If you have any questions about fraud or potential scams, you can call your live personal DivvyCare Account Manager.

Compare our Services

Compare the benefits and quickly see why we are the
complete payment service for Aging Adults!

Pay By
Bill Pay
Other 3rd
Party Online
Bill Pay
Fulfills bill payments
Accepts e-bills
Can provide payment
from multiple sources
Presents detailed bill so
you know what you are paying
Eliminates need for stamps,
checks, and envelopes
Alerts of bill arrival
Eliminates paper bills
in your mailbox
Asks for Social Security Number
and Bank Account Information


Hidden Fees


Provides monthly summary
with electronic copies of bills paid
Late charges covered
up to $100, if fault of service
Monitor statements
for unusally large bills/fraud
Emergency Bill Payment
Assistance at no charge
Up to date fraud alerts
in your area
Assigns a personal account manager
to each member for live assistance
over the phone